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CLUB MANAGERS MEETING December 10, 2014 – Cochrane


Attendance:  Bob Laycock, Rick Couch,  Lee Smith, Stan Usselman, Don MacDougall, Jodi Wright, Shelley Griffin-Hein

Brier Report (Bob): Club Brier Package – CCC is sending a newsletter out to each member; Experienced some parking issues with timing for the volunteer pkg pick up; Volunteer counts for both events are good; Ticket sales are ok but drawback is you can only get tickets online and mailed; Canada Cup in Camrose had low attendance, Continental Cup in Vegas was packed but Calgary is has low numbers so far.

Financial Report (Jodi): All account transition is complete – Bank is happy; Balance as of end of October was $12,281.05; All club notices have been mailed out – only a few payments outstanding; Question was asked “Why Airdrie isn’t included and is there recruitment for CCCM?” Response from Bob – will action on letterhead inviting missing clubs Calgary Youth, Cremona, Airdrie, Chestermere, Indus and Okotoks).

Golf Day (Bob): Heather @ Winter Club possible to host or possibly Inglewood; It will be held on Tuesday May 19, 2015 (after the long weekend); Cause can be helping Cochrane with new building.

Business of Curling (Lee):  Play downs have begun; Numbers close to last year for Districts & Sothern’s; Reminder – 2013 Brier Grant Deadline is next week  December 15, 2014 (Info on website).

Around the Clubs: 

·         Rick (Cochrane) – Check out new building plan map (3.3 Million); Club numbers good – Seniors are keeping club going; 3 yrs. left on current lease, hoping to be up to full speed for 2016 (would rather take another year & be sure all is done right); Thanks for help received from other clubs.

·         Stan (North Hill)  – Busy; Still need a 2nd cook; Website up & running; Hosting 2016 Ladies Provincials (Crestwood backed out due to $15,000 Hosting Fee N.A.C.A wouldn’t waive); Suspended a Curler (Slammed rock into boards, broke boards & shouldered the ice maker when spoken to)

·         Don (Garrison) – Things ok; Successful Learn to Curl (Captured 10-12 new curlers); Total curlers up from last year; Weak point – newly retired curlers; Hosting Men’s Districts January 2, 2015; Per game rates changing drastically trying to even out the gap. Bob commented – everyone participates to help their club (Club & Associate leagues together) & per head pricing vs per sheet pricing i.e. $35/person for corporates.

·         Jodi (Acadia) – All good; Rocks done – just figuring out when to re-paper; New ice tech hired; Sr Men’s Districts December 13-15, 2014; Family Curling Association does not curl at the ARC anymore – reneged on contracted ice; ARC Open almost at full 20 teams.

·         Bob (Calgary) – Busy; Staff is surviving only – losing catering ability; Process for temporary worker form – waiting 3 months for decisions is frustrating; Had a ‘Speed of Play’ week  with clocks – was well received, have spoken to teams regarding slow play; Learn to curl programs full; Senior Play downs in January; Christmas Spiel coming up.

City Championships: Huntington Hills March 30-April 2, 2015. No one in attendance to report.

New Business:

·         Bob – Have been approached by people/groups (Insurance Salesmen etc.) looking to present to CCM – said no. If a group is looking to present – a CCM member must present to us first then a vote will decide. If accepted, the item will be put on the agenda. Must be information following club purpose. All agreed. 

·         Bob – A request was sent to Bob – someone has 16 lite rocks available. If a club wants them, contact Bob directly.

·         Club Managers website – all updates completed by Stan. Take a look and give feedback. North Hill’s new website by Pixel Science allows for online registration, Calgary Club is in process of updating their site, SACA is getting a new site as well.

·         Rick – Issue with Jr games – Why 2 timeouts and lunch break? Makes for 3 hour games, food on ice! Bob responded it’s the parents & entourage that are the biggest problem. Bob is sending out a newsletter next year clamping down on ‘Speed of Play’.

·         Bob – TV coverage has been great creating lots of walk-ins/new curlers. Sending to other clubs as Calgary club is booked solid. Their Board has asked them to lessen bookings and keep more practice ice open.

Action Items:  

·         Barb to send out list of updated email list to Members

·         Bob contacting missing clubs to bring into CCM Association

·         Shelley to send out updated club contact list

Adjournment (Bob):  Next meeting supposed to be Chestermere - Bob checking. Will be end of January (Maybe Glencoe to stay in city). Bob will email out decision for next meeting.

Christmas Luncheon:  Cochrane club put on a delicious holiday meal for us! Thank You!