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Calgary and Area Curling Club Managers Meeting – September 23 – 2014


Bob Laycock, Dan Bubola, Barb Dickson, Lee Smith, Don MacDougall, Stan Usselman, Stasia Perkins, Paul Webster, Kathleen Redford, Shelley Griffin-Hein, Jodi Wright,


1. Meeting – Calgary Curling Club – called to order 10:10am

2. Introductions

· Kevin Webster – Kidsport

· Jennifer McCandie – Brier/Continental Cup Representative

· Don MacDougall – New Manager at Garrison

· Lee Smith – SACA

· Dan Bubola – CCC Academy

3. Kids Sport Presentation – Kevin Webster – Kevin left information available for all clubs – Bob requested to be put on Kid Sport newsletter list and then Bob would distribute to clubs. There is as grant available and the deadline is November 15 for equipment for Juniors – sliders, brooms, etc. Kid Sport is looking to support more children in curling programs. Focus is registration, fundraising and equipment. Please contact Kevin for further information or visit

4. Brier/Continental Cup Presentation – Jennifer McCandie – She is the Volunteer/Marketing Coordinator and looking for more volunteers for both events. If any clubs have any ideas for a marketing opportunity, please let her know. Clubs should be advertising to your leagues for both events and designating a league contact for updates on packages etc. Also looking for a Director. Currently Bob is co-chair, along with Shannon Kleibrink, Brenda Rogers, and Gord McNabb is the GM, so if we know of anyone that would be a great volunteer in a director role, please contact Jennifer. Currently presenting the second push for volunteers. Jennifer will re-send information for Cup in the next couple of weeks. Mid November there will be a Brier volunteer rally.


Clubs have heard from her with respect to volunteers coming out to your club to market the two events. Jennifer left her contact information for all clubs.

5. Steve Mackay presentation from April Meeting – Bob tabled further discussion until we have more information with respect to pricing and a business plan from Steve. Also Don will report at next meeting on the program – how easy to use, player friendly etc. as the Garrison has it in use now.

6. Stan – working on website and Barb will provide updated contact list to post.

7. Bonspiel Listings to SACA – All clubs please get your dates, registration fee and contact information and type of Spiel to SACA, so that they can post all of our spiels on their website.

8. Club Curling Fees – 2014-2015

· Calgary Curling Club – 1 night per week – shareholder - $342, non-shareholder - $432 – this reflects a 1.4% increase over last year. If you are going to increase fees you must show the members you are doing "upgrades" painting etc. $75 - $120 per person for a corporate event.

· Huntington Hills - $305 Ladies, $310 men’s – 1 night per week, (21 weeks of curling including playoffs) plus a $25 Community Membership per family, no increase over last year. Corporate rate $50 per hour per sheet, plus instruction and equipment rentals and food charged on top of that rate.

· Garrison Curling Club - $336 plus a$36.75 membership – 23 weeks of curling – no increase over last year, approved an increase in membership fee for next year.

· North Hill - $350 non shareholder – 1 night per week, $325 shareholder – 21 games and playoffs included – 3.5% on rentals increase

· Inglewood – no increase last year due to flood – this year they went from $80 per sheet to $90 per sheet per draw. Membership is $40 plus GST and $25 senior membership plus GST. Corporate packages are $65 per person include 2 hours ice time, instruction, buffet or lunch, equipment rental, prizes of $10 per person in the way of a gift card for pro shop.


· ARC – 2.5% increase over last year and a $36 per person surcharge to help with floor repair costs. $300 1 night a week – no membership fee.

9. Motion to change signing authority – Stan Usselman moved that: Jodi Wright and Bob Laycock be added as signing authorities on the bank account – Seconded by Kathleen Redford – all in favor – motion passed. Stan Usselman moved that: Susan Thornton be removed as signing authority on the bank account – Seconded by Kathleen Redford – all in favor – motion passed – Kathleen Redford moved that Jim Murphy be left on as signing authority on the bank account, seconded Barb Dickson – all in favor – motion passed. Note: the Bank account should reflect two of three signing authorities for transactions.

10. Jodi and Bob will meet with Jim to exchange the books, and as Jodi is the new treasurer, she will need to invoice all clubs the $200 membership fee.

11. Golf Recap – glad we were back at Inglewood and we had Inglewood as charity so benefits to all. 6 teams participated and it was a great day. Will require someone to plan for upcoming year golf tournament.

12. Business of Curling – NACA is putting one on April 17 – 19 – so we will not present one in Southern Alberta this year.

13. Around the Clubs – SACA

· CCC – Dan – leagues full, Academy Programs pretty much full with a couple of open spots. Long waiting list for Learn to Curl, so if you are having one please email Dan and he will forward to wait listed curlers. Junior Spiel went well. CCC has had several issues with ice plant this year and will be an expensive year with repairs. Spent part of the summer meeting City Compliance issues. But off to a great start for the season already have hosted 3 events.

· Huntington –Barb - Learn to Curl has lots of interest and will forward information to Dan to send over his wait listed curlers. Leagues started last night – ice great and numbers are pretty much the same over all as last year. Some leagues down while others are up. Juniors and Little Rocks numbers are up. Schools are booking for both semesters and booking well into March. Corporate Challenge was a great week but


they did not curl Friday as their numbers were down. Dehumidification unit installed as well as Eye on the Ice and we are also trying one sheet of logo/cloth house rather than painting. Looks like a great season. Hoping that the Family Curling League Sat and Sun afternoons will see some numbers.

· SACA – Lee – Learn to Curls at Garrison and North Hill – now where do they go to join a league – please send SACA any open spots you may have in your leagues for these new curlers. Club Coach course at Garrison this weekend. Competition Coach Oct 4 and 5 at CCC.

· Garrison – Bob – Evening leagues full except men’s league. Daytime curling down – age is a factor – went from 5 draws down to 4 and still not full. Rental leagues great and weekends are busy – Learn to Curl successful.

· North Hill – Stan – Corporate Challenge – Monday good bar night – week went well. Full leagues except ladies – need 1 team. Will start the 1st week of October. Numbers down in Senior Ladies – men’s numbers good. High Schools – some start at 7:30am. Stan has been dealing with City on Life Cycle. NH will have a Juvenile Spiel = 16 teams $140 per team Thanksgiving weekend and they will pay everyone. Great response. Weekend leagues full. Looking forward to great season.

· Stasia – SACA – Stasia will be going to the CYCA camp and would like to come out to all clubs that offer Junior curling to promote and talk about the competitions available to all the youth curlers. Please send Stasia your times and dates when it would be beneficial to come out to your club – sooner rather than later so that deadlines for entries can be met. Stasia also would ask us to see if any of our Junior curlers would be interested in selling 50/50 at the Brier. The new Rule books are in the process of being printed and should be available late October. Southerns for Travellers/Dominions is March 27 – 29 in Medicine Hat.

· Glencoe – Paul – 4 new mixed and 4 new men’s teams, maybe have a late draw for the first time in a long time. Numbers are good. 6 week


learn to curl full. Rachel Homan’s team is coming to do a clinic. Rocks on ice today with practice starting on Thursday.

· Inglewood – Kathleen – Just putting ice in – ready for October 14 start. New daytime league Friday mornings – has 7 and ½ teams – also started a 10 week every other Saturday beginner league – First 2 weeks are lessons and then game play for remainder. 18 people so far signed up. Men’s league full, super league and ladies full and lots of corporate bookings.

· ARC – Shelley/Jodi – Family Curling League also at ARC and hope these numbers are great for weekends. Ladies Daytime is down 1 sheet – Ice is going in now with practice ice on the weekend. October 14 is the Learn to Curl and also an intermediate Curling Class. They are happy with the floor and looking forward to a great season. Rentals and numbers are looking similar to last year with the exception of daytime.

· City Club Championships – As the Dominion/Travellers is March 27 – 29 Huntington Hills is the host this year and Barb will check with Jim to approve dates for Cities. It looks like March 30 – April 2 – evening draws will work – but Barb needs Jim’s approval and will report to next meeting.

14. Next Meeting – Inglewood @ 10:00am – October 22 – Wednesday - Bob will do new rotation list as it has gotten a bit turned around and present at next meeting. It is nice to have someone in at these meetings and if you have any ideas for topics, please let Bob know.

15. ARC moved to adjourned – all agreed.

Respectfully Submitted by Barb Dickson