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Minutes –September 24th  CCCM meeting  Calgary Curling Club 


Attended: Jodi Wright, Darren Proutt, Kathleen Redford, Stasia Perkins,  Al  Whapham , Don MacDougall, Dan Bubola,  John Rop,  Bob Laycock 

Meeting called to order at 10am. 

Survey Review, seven clubs participated in the survey and those seven received a copy last spring. Any other clubs that want a copy can get one once the survey in completed. John has suggested that we look at completing every other year.  

Financials have us with a balance of $13,829.81.  Motion by Bob Laycock and seconded by Jodi to leave 2015/16 CCCM dues the same. ($200)  Invoices will be available for the next meeting. 

Discussion on rock enhancement included how many times a club does it?  It was determined that it is necessary to consult an expert. We had three people in our meeting that have worked on rocks and a lot of detail was passed along. The rocks need enhancing when they need enhancing.(Yogi Berra) It will not take out any ice problems and may even extenuate ice problems.   

New Business   The Board of Directors at the Calgary Curling Club would like to host an Information day. It would include a Saturday session with speakers, lunch and round table discussions in club areas such as marketing, facility (ice and rocks), juniors, F@B, Finance, and Board Protocol. It would be similar to what was held at the CCC 4 years ago.  All management and directors would receive an invitation. CCC would like to host in November. CCC would cover all costs.  Bob would like to get some feedback ASAP as this committee meets next week. 

AGLC are making waves re: Class C licence. Acadia has been reviewed. Class C allows members and invited guests.  They will be looking at curling club to see if we are operating “an open pub”. 

Curlers Corner Autumn Gold October 8 to 13 is a major event with Championship Quality Ice. Al W would like to offer for “learning ice techs” to come and see the action.  Maybe an “Internship”…Call the CCC to connect with Al.  ps   these are  volunteer positions. 

SACA update has the SACA board meeting in the next days to create procedure/amounts etc of the 50/50 from the Continental Cup and Brier. Thoughts are that is will be similar to the previous Brier. Huntington Hills will be hosting the Travellers October 16-18.   SACA request 2016 City Championship dates as Acadia will be hosting. It was later determined that Acadia will be able to host March 29th to April 1st.  

Ice tech and Club Coach Courses were well attended. CCCM clubs are reminded to post 2015/16 club bonspiels to SACA for the web site. 

Club Updates 

Acadia starts up with a Sunday night league on the 27th. Installation of ice went well in the second year with a new floor. Registration : a few during the day down but evenings up. 

Inglewood is putting in the ice this week. Brine pumps went and the usual headaches. First league games are Oct 19th.  A new masters league starts this year. A sticks and stones league with ten teams will be starting as well. 

Cochrane reports all leagues are up across the board. A new mixed doubles league with 12 teams is starting this year. Ice is being prepared now and decals are going in.   A new facility at Spray Lakes is looking like October 2016 for an opening.  

Garrison had big news as they have received a $120,000 grant for ice shed improvements. They will be open Oct 2. Garrison is looking for a head ice technician. Lee Smith is recruiting with Don.  Leagues are filling but Friday is down. 

CCC is planning for a slower corporate year. Leagues did sell out on the first day of registration. All 180 team spots were covered by 186 team registration. The “learn to curl” and junior bonspiel both sold out in a day. Dan requested any clubs that are running a learn to curl (describe the program please) , send him the detail. He has a waiting list of about 30. The only slower filling leagues are the competitive men’s which used to carry waiting lists.  Concerns for this year involve F@B costs, a slowdown in bonspiel participation. 

Springbank has new curling leadership group. Club will be open Oct 5th.  Start up has its usual projects with a leaking brine pump, air exchangers, but startec has looked after them.  Lighting was changed back from LED to a more conventional halogen. Talk to John if you are considering lighting change. Leagues are strong. Cross promotion with the other user groups at the Springbank for All Seasons will be started this year. Hockey players, soccer etc..  will get to try curling. 

Next meeting   Meetings will be on Wednesdays .  We are looking at November 4th.  Next on the rotation is the Winter Club.  We will check to confirm. 

Meeting adjourned. 

Action items :     Send bonspiels to saca,  Learn to curl to Dan 

                              Invoices for association 

                             Confirm CWC  meeting and City Championship dates 

                             Feedback on open house,   Ice techs  Autumn GoldMinutes2