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Curling Managers Meeting – Inglewood – 2014 - Minutes  

1.        Meeting called to order 10:00am

2.       Bob introduced Catherine from Sport Calgary

3.       Catherine – presentation overview of Sport Facility Supply and Demand Study.  2015 is designated as the Year of Sport – there will be grants available for lagging infrastructure.  There are Calgary Parks Foundation grants available for non-profits.  Jim asked about the 2010 comparison numbers and Catherine will email websites for information.

4.       Bob – thanks to Catherine for books and presentation. 

5.       Bob – meeting rotation list – Cochrane is next then Chestermere, and Glencoe.  Bob will check on Chestermere and ensure Cochrane is a go for next meeting. Bob will email rotation list once confirmation of clubs participating.

6.       Curling Managers City Championships will be held at Huntington Hills this year.  March 30 to April 2 evening draws.

7.       Brier/Continental Cup – still need a couple of volunteers for 50/50 sales.  Juniors also needed to sell tickets.  Possibly your Junior club could take on a draw. 

8.       Jodi will email membership invoices of $200 per club in the next week or two.

9.       Edmonton is hosting a Business of Curling so the discussion for Southern Alberta hosting is tabled.

10.   Discussion that CCA may be changing the way they are collecting dues from a per sheet format to a per head format.  SACA and ACF are both against this change and will be involved in the discussions moving forward. 

11.   Around the Clubs

·          Kathleen – Inglewood is pleased the renovations are complete.  Leagues started on Tuesday and curlers are happy to be back at the club.  Two new groups – Friday at 10:00am ladies league and currently have 4 sheets.  Also a 10 week program with lessons and they play every other Saturday at 5pm.  Currently have 8 teams enjoying the curling.

·         Stan – North Hill is very busy – Corporate Challenge went well.  He is looking for a cook on weekends and Monday and Tuesday night.  Numbers look great for this season and has lots of bookings.

·         John – High River is struggling to get people out to curl.  Numbers have dropped significantly.  Looking at trying to get the immigrant community interested in curling.  He has open ice and will offer instruction and possibly an open house to get them started.  Open leagues seem to be more popular and mixed and men’s are both down in numbers.

·         Jodi – The ARC is happy the new floor is complete and was well worth the investment.  Water consumption down about ½.  Curling numbers are good and their clinic went well.  Thanks to SACA for their assistance.  Family Curling league – a discussion will take place between Huntington and ARC to ensure offering same product.  Garrison also has two sheets of Family Curling at their club.

·         Don – Garrison wishes they had some younger members.  Numbers seem good and looking forward to a great season.

·         Al – Cochrane men’s league down approximately 50%.  Mixed down a couple of teams.  They raised the dues hoping to re-coop some of the loss and are working hard to get new facility.  Junior Program doing well and has good numbers of participants.

·         Bob – CCC leagues are full.  Russians booked a lot of ice.  Autumn Gold was a very successful event.  Staffing continues to occupy time.  WCT event at CCC in 2 weeks.  Season off to a great start.

·         Barb – HH juniors doing great, leagues are holding their own with numbers about the same as last year.  De-humidification system installed and all are happy with the ice.  Some Spiels upcoming – Ladies, Mixed/Open and Junior Noel Spiel.  Cities will be March 30 – April 2 evening draws. Corporate Challenge successful event but they are seeing lower numbers.

·         Stasia – SACA went (Stasia) to a few clubs to explain play downs etc. to the Junior programs.  Well received.  Rule books are available for $5. Thanks so Stasia for presentation.

·         Barb asked Bob to look into Glen Ort – old FLC -grant – as we applied as did other clubs and we have not heard back.  Barb emailed Glen and he said that the applications were disappointing so if Bob could investigate and get back to clubs that applied it would be appreciated.

·         Bob – please let him know of any ideas that you would like to see discussed at our meetings or topics for speakers.

·         Next meeting December 10 @ 10:00 Cochrane.

·         Jim suggested that we have a Christmas lunch – catered possibly and have the managers association pick up the bill.  Bob will organize.  All agreed

·         Meeting adjourned 11:30am.


Submitted by Barb Dickson – Huntington Hills